Rodrigo Prujansky

Prujansky in Water Polo

Prujansky into brazilian magazine cover due to water polo

Like most water polo players, Rodrigo began his career as a swimmer. The move came at the age of 11, after a disagreement with his swimming coach. He was a member of Guanabara, a club that defended until the year 2000, when he went to Fluminense, where he acted as a teacher of children's water polo. Son of a former soccer player from Botafogo, Rodrigo is a jiu-jitsu teacher at his own gym in the Botafogo neighborhood.

The nickname comes from the player's religious option, Judaism. "When I went to the synagogue, the people on the team played, saying that I was running away from training," he said. Pan-Americans 2007 To edit In 2004, Rodrigo asked to be dismissed because his son Enzo had just been born and he wanted to follow closely the first years of his life. He stopped training and lost his physical form. However, at the end of 2006, seeing the move around the Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro, realized that he wanted to participate in the unique experience of competing at home. He resumed training and decided that he would try to regain his place in the national team.

The excerpt from the book Transformando Suor em Ouro (written by the coach of the Brazilian Men's Volleyball Team, Bernardo Rocha de Rezende), who reports back on Giovane Gávio, served as an incentive. For a month, Shalom trained alone in two periods, did bodybuilding and lost 15 kg. He telephoned the national team coach, Barbarian Diaz, and asked him for another chance. Diaz told him he would allow him to train with the group on equal terms so the coach could assess if he was fit for a place in the national team.

In June 2007, the coach released a preliminary list for Pan, which did not include Rodrigo's name. But after returning from an interchange trip to Europe, he had won the spot. In his second participation in the Pan-American Games, Rodrigo helped the Brazilian Men's Water Polo Team to win his second silver medal. In the final, held at the Júlio Delamare Aquatic Park, in the Maracanã Sports Complex, Brazil lost again to the U.S. team, repeating the medal won in 2003 at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo.