Rodrigo Prujansky

Prujansky and his wife

BJJ Seminar, Morgate Police, Boca Raton, maio 2019

He began his career at JIU-JITSU in 1992, at the extinct Dojô Academy in Copacabana, only 11 years old. He was taken to look for JIU-JITSU because he was encountering various problems at school because he was shorter and heavier than his classmates.

He sought in JIU-JITSU a way to defend himself and to learn to express all the feelings he could not manage alone. He had as his first instructor, his brother FELIPE PRUJANSKY, at the time, blue band, but with a vast curriculum of Wrestling for having lived in the USA.

He graduated the yellow belt in 1993, orange belt in 1994. He had to slow the pace of training due to his dedication to another sport, the Water Polo, but never stopped training. In 1995, he returned to full strength JIU-JITSU and was graduated blue belt, following his best friend and later professor, then changed of gym, going to GRACIE IPANEMA.

In 1997, he received from the hands of his teacher ALEXANDRE "CAFÉ" the purple band, and with the authorization of PROFESSOR MARCELO YOGUI, black band responsible for the unit, began the day of assisting in the instruction of classes by the academy GRACIE IPANEMA in the class of 07 hours in the morning. In 2000 he received the band Brown and founded with his teacher ALEXANDRE CAFÉ and his brother FELIPE PRUJANSKY the academy PRUJANSKY JIU-JITSU - CAFÉ TEAM, inside the Guanabara Regattas Club, which would be the embryo of the current GRACIE BARRA BOTAFOGO.

In 2004, he won from the hands of her teacher the so-called Black Belt, an unforgettable night at the Academy at GRACIE IPANEMA, crowded as usual. In 2009, he made contact with Professor MARCIO FEITOSA and aligned himself with the philosophy of Mestre CARLOS GRACIE JUNIOR, founded ACADEMIA GRACIE BARRA BOTAFOGO, being the third Official School of RJ at the time, adding GRACIE BARRA MATRIZ and GRACIE BARRA BÚZIOS .

Since then he has never stopped teaching and disseminating the mission of Mestre Carlinhos from "JIU-JITSU PARA TODOS"! He founded 4 GRACIE BARRA Schools in Rio de Janeiro, and also expanded his work to the USA, with his teacher ALEXANDRE CAFÉ, in GB FORTLAUDERLADE - Florida.

Today he is the Principal Professor of the units: GB BOTAFOGO, GB COPACABANA, GB IPANEMA, GB CONRADO

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you capable of becoming.”

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